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Mulch is defined as a layer of material applied to the surface of soil. Mulch can be made of a variety of things, but our mulch is high-quality, groundwood materials and is a very environmentally friendly choice. Customers may choose to use mulch to add curb appeal, reduce weeds, control soil temperature, increase water retention, and more. At Everglades, we offer a wide variety of mulch colors and textures to ensure you get the exact look you want for your landscaping project. We have mulch for sale in bulk or by the bag and can deliver to commercial landscapers and homeowners alike. Call or order online today!

Our organic mulch products can be broken down into three different categories; dyed mulch, pine mulch, and playground mulch. Mulch is a visually appealing topping to a landscape project and serves different purposes based on which medium the mulch is made of. Mulch is meant to be placed around the plant over the roots and is not a replacement for soil.

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How many bags of mulch in a yard?
Our mulch bags are 2 cubic foot bags; it will take 13.5 bags to equal one cubic yard.
How many cubic feet in a yard of mulch?
1 cubic yard of mulch will cover an area 10 feet x 10 feet = 100 square feet, 2-3 inches thick.
How many bags of mulch on a pallet?
Each pallet of our mulch holds 70 – 80 bags of 2 cubic feet.
How much does a yard of mulch weigh?
Typically, a pallet of mulch weighs between 400 - 800 lbs

Mulch protects your plants through all the seasons. The hot and warm months can really put added stress on the plants. When subjected to cold weather, months of hard work put into landscaping can be reversed. Buying mulch and adding it to your landscape reduces the impact of weather changes and the amount of weeding required for maintaining soil quality For proper installation, it is recommended for mulch to be added until a uniform layer is created of at least three inches in depth. Generally, mulch products help keep soils moist for a longer period after watering by acting as a barrier to sunlight, preventing evaporation as well as regulates the soil’s temperature even protect roots from frost damage. Mulch acts as a barrier from rainfall which can cause soil erosion via runoff. Correct application of mulch also starves weeds of sunlight significantly hindering weeds ability to grow. Mulch naturally biodegrades leading to a need to replenish mulch about once a year.

As an Everglades customer, we promise you will leave satisfied with your experience, more knowledgeable than when you arrived, and excited to tackle your project. You might come as a stranger, but you will leave as a friend. We get it, mulch can be overwhelming! We’ve been there too, and we don’t want our friends to feel like that. We don’t make promises we can’t keep, especially to our friends. Stop by your nearest location and see the Everglades difference today!

Why do you need Mulch?

Mulch insulates the soil to protect against extreme temperatures. It controls the water to provide ample moisture to the roots. It prevents weeds from crowding out the plants. The soil particle remains loose and promotes oxygen circulation. Damage to the lawn is minimized because the mulch acts as a barrier.

How much mulch do you need?

Mulch is essential to protecting your landscaping. Applying the correct amount of mulch gives adequate protection for the soil. If you are applying bark-based mulch, you will need two to three inches. Larger size fillers like straw, bark, rock, and pine needles can be applied to a four-inch limit. The rule of thumb is the larger the mulch, the more it can be applied to a particular area. The more compact the mulch the less that should be applied liberally, because it restricts oxygen available to the gardening.

What are the different mulch types available?

2 Types of Mulch:Organic mulches are made of things like organic materials. They can include chopped leaves, straw, grass clippings and even paper! These kinds of mulch help keep your plants healthy by keeping the soil moist around them while also providing nutrients to make sure they grow well. Inorganic mulches do not have living parts but still offer some great perks for you gardeners out there as they provide shade from harsh sunlight that might be too hot on certain days and work really hard at reflecting heat away so it doesnt get too warm during summer evenings when you will need this more than anything else.

How do I choose mulch?

When choosing mulch, consider the slope of the yard. Determine how much time you want to devote to gardening and maintaining the landscape since some mulch varieties break down more easily than others. It can even shift when subjected to rain and wind. If you’re investing a lot in your landscaping, you will need quality mulch that breaks down slowly and properly balances the pH levels of the soil to promote proper growth. Assess the quality of the soil as well by collecting samples from different areas of the yard. Using a testing kit from a local nursery, you should be able to determine the health of the soil and identify the mulch that meets your soil and landscaping nutrient requirements.

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