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Rock is an excellent decision for a customer who is looking for a no-hassle ground cover. Rock reduces weeds, helps conserve water, and adds a clean look to any landscaping project. Rock is perfect for any empty space: a large landscape area or small flowerbed. We sell many types of rock that vary in size, color, texture, and purpose. Allow one of our knowledgeable Everglades employees to assist you in selecting the perfect type of rock for your project and budget.

  • Tan Pea Gravel
    Tan pea gravel blocks sunlight while being a poor conductor of heat, thus reducing the amount of water loss due to sunlight, saving you money on your water bill. **THIS IS A RECYCLED PRODUCT - IT WILL BE DIRTY AND MAY CONTAIN DEBRIS**
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  • Crushed Fines
    Concrete fines are a recycled product made from recycled concrete aggregate and a typical substitute for natural stone aggregates.
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  • Crushed Concrete
    Crushed concrete is a highly cost-effective structural filler and is cheaper than new concrete. Crushed concrete is a eco friendly “green” building material since it does not require much energy to produce when compared to new concrete that is hauled in between different processing plants.
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  • Drainfield
    Drain field is a versatile building material that is thoroughly washed gravel with a very smooth angular surface. This is very important because roughly textured stone will not be adequate to allow enough flow of wastewater to prevent the drain field to be flooded and push the wastewater through the topsoil.
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  • Egg Rock
    Egg rock is a large variety of river rock that is eye catching due to its size and color. The pristine white shine of egg river rock looks great on its own or accompanied by other kinds river rocks.
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  • Grey Pea Gravel
    Pea gravel is commonly used in landscaping because of its cost-effective and versatile nature. Gray pea gravel’s rough edges and rich, natural appearance make it ideal for use in various landscaping projects, such as gardening, creating pathways, and filling spaces between stepping stones.
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  • Grey Granite
    Gray granite is excellent at reducing water loss due to evaporation due to its ability to reflect sunlight instead of absorbing the heat. A secondary effect of reflecting sunlight is that when weed seeds find their way onto soil in your landscape and germinate, they will likely not survive because they cannot reach enough sunlight.
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  • Lava Rock
    The deep red coloration when combined with green plants creates a high contrast effect that is very photogenic. Lava rock is created by the rapid cooling of magma.
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  • Salt and Pepper Granite
    Granite when used as an inorganic mulch in a landscape feature not only stylish but also improves the environment of your plants. By blocking sunlight, salt and pepper granite reduces the water requirements of your landscape by reducing water loss due to evaporation and prevents weeds from reaching sunlight and growing.
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  • Seminole Chip
    We sell our Seminole chip rock by the 1/2 cubic foot bag or by the yard for those who have a large project. We can deliver this material onto any load bearing surface to prevent any damage to underground pipes and septic systems.
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  • Tan River Rock
    Everglades recommends that our customers apply an even layer of tan river rock of three to five inches in depth so our customers can enjoy the functional benefits of tan river rock along with its aesthetic benefits. Unlike organic mulches, tan river rock does not provide any sustenance for bugs to munch on thus preventing the spread of potentially harmful critters such as termites.
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  • White Marble Chips
    White marble chips are one of more popular landscaping stones and is typically used as a decorative element in flower beds and similar areas with high visibility.
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  • Washed Shells
    Washed shells are a great option for pathways around your property and can even be used for decorative purposes
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