Electric Side by Sides The Workhorse of the Future

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The electric vehicle movement is taking over the world, and there's no sign of it slowing down. In fact, the rise of electric vehicles will only continue as battery technology improves and advances. For this reason, electric side-by-sides are gaining popularity, as they offer a versatile zero-emission option for anyone who needs a machine that can do it all.

While electric side by side vehicles are great for getting around town, they're not so great for those who need to move material on the farm, carry equipment on the golf course or perform daily maintenance around your property. This is where electric side-by-sides come in handy. These versatile machines can haul heavy loads and tackle tough terrain, making them the perfect workhorse for anyone who needs a machine that can do it all.

Advantages of Going Electric

electric side by side

There are many advantages to choosing an electric side-by-side over a gas-powered one. One of the most obvious advantages is they produce zero emissions. That means no toxic fumes or exhaust while you work and play; they are as green as a John Deere paint job!

Another big advantage of electric side-by-sides is that they're incredibly low-maintenance; There's no need to change the oil, check spark plugs, or coolant levels.

Electric side-by-sides are also incredibly efficient. They can run for hours without needing to be recharged, making them perfect if you need a machine that can go the distance.

Electric vehicles are also much cheaper to operate than gas models, as you'll never have to worry about buying gas or oil again.

And lastly, they are very quiet. So, if you’re tired of hearing the drone of an engine all day long, electric is the way to go.

Disadvantages of Electric Power

While there are many advantages, there are a few disadvantages worth mentioning. For starters, there aren’t as many options available as gas-powered models. However, this is changing rapidly as the demand for electric vehicles grows.

The batteries can be expensive to replace; however, they will last many years if taken care of properly.

Unlike a gas-powered version that you can fill at any time, making sure your gator is always charged and ready to use can be a bit of an inconvenience.

John Deere TE 4x2 Electric

TE Electric Side by Side

There’s a reason the TE 4x2 is a high performance vehicle rising in popularity among side-by-side users. This tough machine is perfect if you need a versatile workhorse to tackle any job. With a payload capacity of 900 lb (408 kg), the towing capacity of 600 lb (272 kg), and a top speed of 20.92 km/h, it can handle any job.

Electric SXS

Electrical System Specifications:

  • 48 V
  • 12 kWh
  • Eight Trojan® T-105 batteries

The TE comes standard with an Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) approved onboard charger. The onboard charger, located under the passenger seat, allows you to charge your TE from any location with a wall outlet. As an extra safety feature, the battery charger automatically shuts off after reaching full charge.

Frame and Cargo Box

The TE is designed with an arc-welded uni-body, meaning it can handle even the toughest tasks. The deluxe cargo box is also constructed of a durable polypropylene composite that protects against dents and rust while reducing the noise generated by machine operation.

The tailgate of the cargo box can be lowered or removed entirely to make loading material or cleaning a simple task. The cargo box is equipped with integrated tie-down points for increased versatility, and it can also easily be converted to a flatbed to carry larger loads.

Comfort and Convenience

A side-by-side isn't fun to use all day if it's uncomfortable, but that's not a problem with the TE.

Side-by-side seating provides room for the driver and one passenger. Terrain can be rough and bumpy, but hip restraints help keep you seated and stable by serving as an extra handhold.

High-back cushioned seats are adjustable and provide a smooth, comfortable ride.

Accessories and Attachments

John Deere TE Gator

It is easy to outfit your TE with great accessories and attachments to make it your own. John Deere offers a wide range of options, so you have everything you need to make your side-by-side unique.

Some popular options include a differential lock for added traction, electric power steering for improved handling, and LED lights to extend your workday into the evening.

The TE 4x2 electric side-by-side is a reliable and efficient machine that can handle tough tasks with ease. If you're looking for a low-maintenance, environmentally friendly workhorse, the TE is definitely worth considering.

Electric Side x Side with Cab

Some available accessories include:

  • Front and Rear Bumpers: Protect your electric side-by-side from bumps and scratches
  • Bush guards: Protect the undercarriage of your electric side-by-side from brush and debris
  • Cargo box extenders: Increase the cargo carrying capacity of your electric side-by-side
  • Cargo box power lifts: Make it easier to load and unload materials from the cargo box
  • Drawbar: Tow large loads with ease.
  • Rear Receiver Kit: Attach various implements and equipment to your electric side-by-side
  • Horn: Add a safety feature for added visibility on the job site
  • Deluxe Glass Cab: Protect yourself from the elements while operating your electric side-by-side.
  • Exterior and Interior Lighting Kits: Increase visibility for safe operation during nighttime or low light conditions
  • Electric UTV
  • Mirrors: Gives you the best possible view of your surroundings, making it easier to avoid obstacles.
  • Sprayers: Tackle projects with ease by attaching a sprayer to your electric side-by-side

The John Deere TE 4x2 electric UTV is a great way to have fun and get work done while being eco-friendly. This tough machine can handle any task you throw at it while operating without the noise or emissions of gas-powered models.

With various accessories and attachments available, you can make your TE 4x2 perfect for any job. So why wait? Visit us today at any of our 18 locations and see why an electric side-by-side is the way of the future.

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