ProVista St Augustine Sod

ProVista is an innovative solution delivering beautiful turf with complete weed control and half the mowing
Due to the nature of natural products, physical properties will vary (size, color, etc).

Color Dark Green
Texture Coarse, Wide Blades
Mowing Height 3" - 4"
Sun Requirements 4+ Hours (Full Sun)
Pieces Per Pallet 140

FREE Store Pickup
Available at select locations throughout Florida.

Delivery available in Tampa, Orlando, and Surrounding Areas!

What you need to know about Provista St. Augustine sod

ProVista is a dark green, dense grass of the St. Augustine variety. Like Floratam, ProVista has wide, coarse blades that are comfortable to walk on. It also has a dark, rich green color that makes your lawn appear lush and healthy. ProVista, however, has been engineered to outperform Floratam in a few key areas. ProVista grass is highly weed-resistant, requires less mowing and fertilizer, and is more environmentally friendly.

ProVista is the result of 20 years and $100 million of research. Scotts, the brand most famously known for Miracle-Gro, developed this variety of St. Augustine grass with low maintenance and affordability in mind. It has just recently hit the market and is quickly becoming the most desired sod, especially in the South. The humid Florida climate is ideal for many grass varieties to thrive. St. Augustine varieties, like Evergreen and Floratam, do very well in the Florida climate, and ProVista is no different. ProVista thrives in full sun but also does well in moderate shade. Like Floratam, it is resistant to salt spray that is carried by coastal winds.

ProVista is a very dense grass, which not only makes it attractive but also makes it naturally weed resistant. The more grass blades there are, the less opportunity weeds can take root and poke through. The same is true for invasive grasses. Furthermore, ProVista is engineered to tolerate a wider range of weed control products, including products that contain glyphosate. Glyphosate is the key ingredient in Round-Up, which is a very aggressive weed killer that indiscriminately kills grass as well… but not ProVista! That means you have more weed control options to deal with the very determined weeds and grasses that do manage to invade your lawn.

We have compared ProVista to Floratam several times, but this is one area where the two differ significantly. Floratam is a fast-growing, fast-spreading grass that is excellent for quick summer growth. While that is ideal for the short term, it does require more maintenance in the long run with weekly mowing. ProVista, however, is a slow-growing grass. It does take a little more patience in the short run, but that means it needs less attention in the long run. ProVista requires 40-50% less mowing. So, you only need to mow it about every two weeks instead of one in peak growing seasons (even less in the off seasons!)

As if less mowing and less weed control were not enough, ProVista also requires less fertilizer than standard Floratam sod. Of course, you want to make sure the area is properly fertilized upon installation, but it requires less fertilizer upfront. It also doesn’t require as much fertilizer for long-term maintenance. Since ProVista is both weed resistant and slow growing, it significantly reduces maintenance costs. Minimal weeds mean minimal weed control services and products. Not to mention having to mow half as often, which means you can save up to 50% on landscaping labor! You even get to save on fertilizing products and labor. Regardless of grass type, lawns that are thick and healthy reduce runoff and absorb carbon dioxide from the air. By having a beautiful green lawn, you are helping the environment around you. ProVista takes that three steps further by requires less mowing, less weed control, and less fertilizer. Less means more when it comes to sustainability.

You want your sod to thrive, and so do we. The key to having a strong, healthy, beautiful lawn is to start with strong and healthy sod. At Everglades, we receive fresh cut sod daily to meet the demands of our customers. We partner with local sod farmers that use environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. Whether you are looking to patch areas of your lawn or sod acres of land, Everglades can meet your needs. We sell ProVista in pieces or you can purchase in bulk by the pallet to get a better deal. We offer instore pickup and delivery. We do not deliver pallets on non-load bearing surfaces to avoid damaging underground pipes and septic systems. But we’ll gladly drop off your delivery at your desired location if it is accessible.


I heard about Provista from a friend telling me this and that about how it grows slower, needs less water, and how good it looks in your yard.. I found it hard to believe .. but I have to say.. he was spot on. I installed my provista grass roughly 3 months ago and can certainly see the difference. It grows in thick and hasn't had any trouble in my few shady areas. I would highly recommend this grass to anyone about to re-sod their yard in Florida.

John Stampson on 12/31/2020

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