John Deere AutoTrac Universal 200

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Feature Overview
John Deere AutoTrac Universal 200
Realize the benefits of AutoTrac on Non-Deere machines.
  • Make long days easier with equipment and technology that works together for you.
  • Increase productivity by being able to cover more ground.
  • Reduce overlap and maximize inputs.
  • Reduce fatigue and improve operator experience
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Silver logo denotes the ATU 200Silver logo denotes the ATU 200

The AutoTrac™ Universal (ATU) 200 steering kit is a mobile guidance solution that brings additional productivity to farming operations throughout the growing season.


ATU 200 is approved on over 450 different equipment platforms and is compatible with all levels of StarFire accuracy.


The benefits of the ATU 200 over the original ATU include:

  • Improved on-track line performance
  • Faster line acquisition
  • Serviceability

AutoTrac Universal 200 steering kitAutoTrac Universal 200 steering kit
Quick and easy setupQuick and easy setup

With the mobile AutoTrac Universal (ATU) 200 steering kit, producers can leverage their investment in AutoTrac across many approved machine platforms throughout the growing season.


This means producers can move their ATU 200 steering system from their planting tractor in the spring, to their sprayer in the summer, then into their combine, and finally to their tillage tractor in the fall.


Best of all, the ATU 200 moves from machine to machine in about an hour depending upon the platform. By moving this system, operators can experience the value of automatic guidance year-round.

Achieve critical accuracy of in-field operationsAchieve critical accuracy of in-field operations

As equipment gets larger and margins tighter, accuracy of in-field operations and input placement is more critical than ever.

When making a pass in a field, traveling from one end of the field to another, the position accuracy of the return pass is critical. Pass-to-pass accuracy means the planter guess rows will be accurate and subsequent passes are less likely to result in crop damage.

Repeatability defines how accurately the receiver calculates its position over a relatively long time window.

AutoTrac reduces overlapAutoTrac reduces overlap
AutoTrac maintains speedAutoTrac maintains speed

Farming requires multiple passes. This requires a method of guidance with a high degree of repeatability in order to minimize overlap (extra cost of seed, fertilizer, chemical and machine hours) and skips (loss of production).


Maintaining repeatable accuracy is important in all operations, especially with cropping practices that require multiple passes through the field. AutoTrac creates more consistent row spacing, reducing the potential for crop damage with subsequent passes through the field.


University studies have shown that operators tend to overlap 5 to 13 percent over the course of an entire day, which could mean up to 60 cm (23 in.) of overlap with a 6 m (19 ft) tillage implement. This means that a producer with 300 ha (740 acres) actually works and pays for 330 ha (815 acres).


With reducing overlap by using AutoTrac more ground is covered in the same time and inputs like chemicals, fertilizer, fuel, labor and machine hours are reduced.

Reduced overlap with AutoTrac

Field 1

4.72 percent

Field 2

8.03 percent

Field 3

12.74 percent


8.50 percent

GPS accuracy versus manual accuracy

AutoTrac™ assisted steering system greatly increases operator productivity by maintaining consistent accuracy and efficiency. Operators remain more alert while they are in the field and are able to focus on implement settings and varying field conditions. AutoTrac also allows operators to confidently create evenly spaced rows past sunset, as well as in rain, dust, or fog.

AutoTrac increases productivityAutoTrac increases productivity

AutoTrac also improves operator comfort as the operator has time to concentrate on implement tasks.

Reduce compaction with AutoTracâ„¢ guidance systemReduce compaction with AutoTracâ„¢ guidance system

As tractors and field equipment become larger and heavier, there is a growing concern about soil compaction. Heavy equipment and tillage implements can cause damage to the soil structure. Soil structure is important because it determines the ability of a soil to hold and conduct water, nutrients, and air necessary for plant root activity.


By using AutoTrac, operators can optimize the number of passes and reduce compaction. Additionally, the operator can confine traffic between certain rows and avoid compacting the row area.


AutoTrac allows producers to use the same traffic lanes year after year, sacrificing a small portion of the field in favor of having no wheel traffic in the majority of the field. Restricting traffic to specific lanes also provides a firm soil surface for more efficient tractor operation.


Without using AutoTrac during field operations, there is tendency for passes to overlap. Each pass over a field under poor conditions can cause significant damage to the soil.

AutoTrac™ guidance steering system allows operators to use tramline management more effectively, minimizing soil compaction. Additionally, AutoTrac allows the machine operator to select from a variety of guidance modes including straight track, AB curves, adaptive curves, circle track, boundary fill, machine access, and swap track. These tracking options allow the operator to select the track best suited for the field and conditions reducing the number of passes needed to cover the field.

Curve track
Curve trackCurve track

The curve track mode helps operators by automatically steering curved guidance lines on terrain that does not allow for straight track to be used (rolling hills or contours).
When running with curve track, keep in mind these basic principles:

  • Straight track is more accurate than curve track.
  • A machine with an integrated AutoTrac steering kit is more accurate than a machine with the AutoTrac Universal (ATU) steering kit.
  • Slower speeds are more accurate than faster speeds.
  • Gentle curves are more accurate than tight turn radius curves.
Types of curves
Simple curve







Two different modes can be used depending on the type of curves that need to be created: adaptive curves or A/B curves.


Adaptive curve track


This track allows the operator to record a manually driven curved guidance line. Operators using a GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display have the ability to record and utilize multiple adaptive curves per field. This feature is especially useful as operators maneuver around terraces or irregular, constantly changing fields. Adaptive curve mode also has the ability to connect line segments when documentation is selected as the recording source. Self-propelled forage harvester or combine operators may find this functionality useful if they need to quickly raise their header for any reason.

The curve adapts, if driven around an obstacleThe curve adapts, if driven around an obstacle
The curvature of the line changes down the fieldThe curvature of the line changes down the field

A/B curve track 


This track allows the operator to set a curved line in a field with two end points (A and B) and will generate guidance lines parallel to the initial track in either direction.

Skip passSkip pass

The line stays the same across the field, and an operator can use skip track.

Field obstaclesField obstacles

Even if an operator drives around an obstacle in the field, the next pass follows the original track line.

Straight track
Subsequent passes are identical to the first passSubsequent passes are identical to the first pass

The straight track mode helps operators by automatically driving straight. Operators can create an initial straight line using a variety of different setup options.


Once the track has been defined, all subsequent track lines in the field are created parallel to each other at the defined track spacing distance.

Manual circles with Parallel Tracking guidance systemt
Circle track mode on the displayCircle track mode on the display

The circle track mode helps operators drive concentric circles in a field when a circle is set up and guidance is being used. Operators can create an initial circle using a variety of different methods. Once the initial circle has been defined, all the subsequent circles in the field are created.


Circle track is available in Parallel Tracking mode. Pivot Pro activation must be purchased to use circle track with automatic guidance.

Concentric circles with Pivot Pro
Pivot Pro tracking modePivot Pro tracking mode

The Pivot Pro module allows the operator to automatically guide a machine in defined concentric circles in fields with center-pivot irrigation systems.


Circle track functionality is included with GreenStar Basics, allowing the operator to manually guide the machine around the concentric circle without an upgrade activation. Pair Pivot Pro activation with GreenStar AutoTrac to have the machine drive circles automatically.


Pivot Pro is approved for level fields, as accuracy can be degraded as slope increases. If there is slope in the field, there is the potential the circle track space and the center-pivot tower track will not match up. Keep in mind, AutoTrac draws the circle spacing as if the plane were level.

Follow track mode reduces compaction
Active Implement Guidance™ uses the follow track modeActive Implement Guidance™ uses the follow track mode

Unique to John Deere Active Implement Guidance, the follow track mode assists the driver when operating headlands or navigating around obstacles, allowing the implement to follow the tractor guidance path. This helps reduce crop damage and soil compaction.

Tramline management
Tramline screenTramline screen

Tramline management provides the opportunity to setup and edit certain guidance lines as tramlines. Those lines will be highlighted in a separate color in the guidance screen. Tramline management is available on the GreenStar 3 2630 Display in straight track, AB curve, and circle track modes.

Tramlines can be set and stored for each A-B line in the display. This allows the operator to properly seed and plant fields with accurate tramlines defined. This will make it easier to reduce inputs on all following field operations such as spraying.

NOTE: Tramline management is not currently available on the GreenStar 3 CommandCenter™ controls.

Swap track
Swap track provides operators the ability to quickly switch guidance modes as they work through fields varying geographic conditions. Operators can easily move from straight track to any of the other tracking modes as needed. Swap track allows the operator to toggle between up to four different guidance lines within the same field on the GreenStar 3 2630 Display. Operators can also change the track order while AutoTrac is engaged.
Swap track is available on the GreenStar 3 2630 Display.
NOTE: Swap track is not available on the GreenStar 3 CommandCenter.

This document lists all the compatible equipment approved with the software update 19-2 release, and is subject to change with newer software updates. To ensure complete and proper compatibility, the most current version of implement control unit software, Generation 4 Display software, or compatible farm management information software (FMIS) should be used. Non-current software versions will require an update before support can be provided. Unapproved software version configurations will not be supported.

The software update 19-2 release is only compatible with 4600 CommandCenter™ v2 processors. Software update 17-2 is the last release that was compatible with 4600 v1 processors.

Server serial numbers are as follows:

  • v1 = RWG prefix
  • v2 = PCG prefix
Machine compatibility

John Deere Large Ag Tractors

John Deere Large Ag Tractors
(list of all automatically detected machines)
Model yearCommandCenter display Universal Display
4600 v2420046404240
9R/9RT/9RX Series 2018 and newerX---XX
9R/9RT/9RX Series 2015-2017*---XX
9R/9RT Series2012-2014------XX
9030/9030T Series2008 and newer------XX
9020/9020T Series2002-2007------X---
9000 Series1997-2001------X---
9000T Series2000-2001------X---
8R/8RT Series2018 and newerX---XX
8R/8RT SeriesMid-2014 - 2017*---XX
8R/8RT Series2010-2013------XX
8030/8030T Series2006 and newer------XX
8020/8020T Series2002-2005------X---
8010/8010T Series2000-2002------X---
8000 Series1994------X---
8000T Series1997-1999------X---
7R Series2018 and newerXXXX
7R Series2014-2017*---XX
7R Series2011-2013------XX
7J Series2018 and newer------XX
7030 Series2007 and newer------XX
7030 Series (Large Frame)2007 and newer------XX
7030 Series (Small Frame)2006 and newer------XX
7010 Series1997-2003------X---
7000 Series1992-1996------X---
6030 Series (Small Frame)2006 and newer------XX
6000 Series1992-1998------X---
6010 Series1999-2002------X---
6R Series2018 and newerXXXX
6R Series (Final Tier 4)2015-2017*---XX
6R Series (Interim Tier 4)2013-2015------XX
6M Series2013 and newer------XX
6J Series2018 and newer------XX
5R Series2019 and newer------XX

*NOTE: For latest Precision Ag functionality, update machines equipped from the factory with v1 processor to v2. The 4640 Universal Display is not compatible with SeedStar™ 4HP Planters when installed on 00, 10, and 20 Series Tractors.

John Deere Nutrient Applicators

John Deere Nutrient Applicators

Model yearCommandCenterUniversal Display
4600 v2420046404240
F4365 High-Capacity Nutrient Applicator2017 and newerX---------

John Deere Self-Propelled Sprayers

John Deere self-
propelled sprayers
Model yearCommandCenterUniversal Display
4600 v2420046404240
4 Series Sprayers 2018 and newerX---------
4 Series Sprayers 2013 - 2017------X---
49402012 - 2014------X---
46302008 and newer------X---
47302008 and newer------X---
48302008 - 2014------X---
49302008 - 2013 (SN 4000+)------X---
R4040i2014 and newer------X---
R4050i2017 and newer------X---
5430i2008 - 2014------X---
Hagie™ sprayers2014 and newerCompatible with GreenStar™ 3 2630 Displays and 4640 Universal Displays*

*NOTE: When using the 4640 Universal Display on a Hagie Sprayer, additional mounting and harnessing may be required.

  • 4640 Ram™ Mount - SJ34503
  • 4640 power/video harness - BPF11527 (1-3 video plus machine power), PF90687 (machine power only)

NOTE: Current John Deere/Hagie field kits only offer GreenStar 3 2630 Display parts.

NOTE: AutoTrac™ Vision/AutoTrac RowSense and multi-rank section control are not supported on Hagie at this time.

NOTE: VIN detection is not supported on Hagie Sprayers at this time.

John Deere Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters (SPFH)

John Deere Self-Propelled
Forage Harvesters

Model yearCommandCenterUniversal Display
4600 v2420046404240
9000 Series SPFH2019 and newer------X---
8000 Series SPFH2015 and newer------X---

John Deere combines

John Deere combinesModel yearCommandCenterUniversal Display
4600 v2420046404240
S700 Series2018 and newerX---------
S430 and S4402017 and newerX---------
S600 Series2012 - 2017------XX
S540 and S550 Series2012 and newer------XX
T-Series2012 and current------XX
W-Series2012 and current------XX
70 Series2008 - 2013------XX

NOTE: Competitive equipment may be compatible with 4640 Universal Display and 4240 Universal Display. For additional compatibility information, contact a John Deere dealer.

Equipment compatibility

John Deere planters

SeedStar™ 4HP planters are only compatible with 4600 CommandCenter displays with a version 2 (v2) processor and 4640 Universal Displays. Displays should be running Generation 4 OS software version 10.10.404-390 or newer and the most current version of tractor applications to be compatible with SeedStar 4HP planter applications. Additionally, dual-display mode is available for use with SeedStar 4HP planter applications, along with Generation 4 Extended Monitor. SeedStar 4HP planters are compatible with no more than two GreenStar Rate Controllers.

The SeedStar 2 configuration below is available only on factory-installed model year 2011 and newer planters and may be field-installed on model year 2009 and 2010 planters. Green PM/PA controllers (factory-installed on model year 2009 and 2010 planters) are not supported with a Generation 4 display.

A Service ADVISOR™ tool (available at a John Deere dealer) is needed to update SeedStar 2, SeedStar XP, and SeedStar 3 HP software. Documentation is not supported when using a rate controller to control row clutches on a John Deere planter.


John Deere plantersControl unit nameSoftware version (or newer)CommandCenter display Universal Display
4600 v2420046404240*
SeedStar 2
Black PM122.0XXXX
Black PA1, (if available PA 2)22.0XXXX
Green PM110.11------------
Green PA1 (if available PA 2)10.11------------
SeedStar XP
Black PM122.0XXXX
Black PA1, (if available PA 2)22.0XXXX
SeedStar 3 HP
Planter Main A (PCMA)5.0XXXX
Planter Main B (PCMB or MMC)8.0XXXX
Row-unit Controller (RUC)2.0XXXX
SeedStar 4HP
Planter Apps10.4.2-29X---X---
Planter Main A (PMCA)5.0X---X---
Planter Main B (PMCB or MMC)6.0X---X---
Row-unit Controller (RUC)3.0X---X---
Electrical Power Generation (EPG)5.0X---X---
Electrical Power Module, 2 (PC2)3.0X---X---

*NOTE: For implements requiring ground speed input (radar), utilizing a 4240 Universal Display may require an additional 4240 Radar speed kit.

John Deere Air Seeders

The C850 Air Cart requires a 4600/4200 CommandCenter Display or a 4640/4240 Universal Display. GreenStar 3 2630 monitors are not supported. Additionally, C850 Air Carts and AutoTrac Implement Guidance (passive) are compatible with software update 18-2 and newer.


John Deere Air SeederModel year/control unit nameSoftware version (or newer) CommandCenterUniversal Display
4600 v2420046404240*
C850 Air Cart
Cart Master Controller (CMC)12XXXX
Mini Tank Controller (TXC)6XXXX
Front, Middle, Rear Tank Controller (TCU)6XXXX
1870 Seeding Tool - TruSet™ system2017 and newer (IDC)5.0XXXX
1870 Seeding Tool - RelativeFlow™ blockage sensors2017 and newer (BMU)4.0XXXX
1910 Air Cart - ground drive2009 and newer3.0XXXX
1910 Air Cart - hydraulic drive
2013 and newer8.00XXXX
Seeding tools with air-run blockage - primary blockage
2009 and newer (BMU)12.0XXXX
Seeding tools with air-run blockage - air-run blockage2009 and newer (BMU)12.0XXXX
Member Module5.0XXXX
1990 Central Commodity System (CCS™)
2009 and newer (BMU)12.0XXXX
N500C SeriesSeeding apps10.1.495-31X---X---
SMCA or SMC2.0X---X---
SMCB or BMU2.0X---X---

*NOTE: For implements requiring ground speed input (radar), utilizing a 4240 Universal Display may require an additional 4240 Radar speed kit.

John Deere Tillage

John Deere TillageControl unit nameSoftware version (or newer) CommandCenterUniversal Display
4600 v2420046404240
AccuDepth™ cultivatorImplement Depth Control (IDC)11XXXX
2730 with TruSet
Tillage Controller 1 (TC1)2.66KXXXX
2230 with TruSetTillage Controller 1 (TC1)2.75KXXXX
2330 with TruSetTillage Controller 1 (TC1)3.35KXXXX
2620/2630 with TruSetTillage Controller 1 (TC1)


2720 with TruSetTillage Controller 1 (TC1)2.24KXXXX
2660VT with TruSetTillage Controller 1 (TC1)2.03KXXXX
2430 with TruSetTillage Controller 1 (TC1)2.14KXXXX
2510H with TruSetTillage Controller 1 (TC1)2.85KXXXX

*NOTE: For implements requiring ground speed input (radar), utilizing a 4240 Universal Display may require an additional 4240 Radar speed kit.

John Deere Round Balers


John Deere Round BalersControl unit nameSoftware version (or newer)CommandCenterUniversal Display
4600 v2420046404240
0 SeriesBaler Automation10.07XXXX
9 Series Premium
Baler Automation7.16XXXX
V451R/V461R Baler Automation11.5XXXX



John Deere Large Square Balers

John Deere Large Square Balers
Including Harvest Tec applicator and PhiBer accumulator
Control unit nameSoftware version (or newer)CommandCenter Universal Display
4600 v2420046404240
0 SeriesGen 4 VT3.04XXXX
1 Series
Gen 4 VT5.07XXXX
Precision Ag Technology software compatibility
John Deere control unitsControl unit nameSoftware version (or newer)CommandCenter display Universal Display
4600 v2420046404240
*StarFire 6000 Receiver---4.10JXXXX
StarFire 3000 Receiver---2.32HXXXX
*Modular Telematics Gateways (MTG) - 3G---21.03XXXX
*MTG - 4G---25.01.746XXXX
GreenStar Rate Controller---3.70KXXXX
GreenStar Rate Controller Dry---2.11AXXXX
*John Deere Rate Controller 2000---1.13AXXXX
*AutoTrac Universal 200---2.30A------XX
*AutoTrac Universal 300---3.22O------XX
AutoTrac Controller 250---11933B------XX
*AutoTrac Controller - Deere---1.11B------XX
AutoTrac Controller - Raven---3.2.29------XX
AutoTrac Controller - Reichhardt®---SW 1.3------XX
AutoTrac RowSense™RG3AKK15783FX---X---
AutoTrac VisionVGC4.01LX---X---
AutoTrac Turn Automation---19-2X---X---
AutoTrac Implement Guidance---19-2X---X---
Active Implement Guidance (VT)Application 11002.71 TXX*XX*
iGrade™Application 11002.71 TXXXX
Distance TripApplication 11002.71 TX*XXX
Gen 4 Extended Monitor  X---X---
Wireless Data Server Wireless Data Server

1.541.2 (Planting)

Mobile Data TransferMyTransfer™ app

3.8.6 (iOS®)
3.8.5 (Android™)

Connect Mobile appConnect Mobile app8.0.1 or newerX---X---
Connect Mobile serverConnect Mobile server2.3.87-1X---------
Mobile WeatherApplication 11201.51 VXX*XX*
Manure Constituent SensingManure Controller19.06X---X---

*NOTE: See additional information below.

StarFire Receivers

StarFire Receivers can be updated in the following ways:

  • Receiver USB port (available only for StarFire 6000 Receivers)
  • Generation 4 display USB port
  • Remote software updates application (in ISOBUS VT app)

Additionally, StarFire iTC Receivers are no longer supported with software update 2017-1 and newer software. StarFire 6000 Receivers require software version 3.80F or higher when used with AutoTrac Implement Guidance.

John Deere Operations Center

To use RDA on a Generation 4 CommandCenter Display with a GreenStar 3 2630 Display connected in the same machine, GreenStar 3 2630 software version 3.22.1095 (SU2014-1) or higher is required (for 4600 CommandCenter Display and 4640 Universal Display only).

GreenStar Rate Controller and GreenStar Rate Controller Dry

GreenStar Rate Controller Dry is supported with display software update 2017-2 and newer. The 4600 and 4200 CommandCenter Displays and 4640 and 4240 Universal Displays support documentation and section control of up to five GreenStar Rate Controller units.

To update the GreenStar Rate Controller and GreenStar Rate Controller Dry, utilize a Generation 4 Display USB port. John Deere dealers can also utilize Service ADVISOR™. GDC 2.11A was the last software version available through Software Manager. GDC 2.20A has been available since spring 2015 and contains diagnostic language updates. This software can only be obtained through Service ADVISOR.

John Deere Rate Controller 2000

The Generation 4 Displays and John Deere Rate Controller 2000 can support documentation and control up to five operations. ISO controllers such as SeedStar or TruSet can be used alongside a John Deere Rate Controller 2000 that is documenting additional operations. The John Deere Rate Controller 2000 will not control the planter clutches or half-, third-, or quarter-width disconnects on a John Deere planter.

AutoTrac™ Vision

AutoTrac Vision Guidance Camera 19-1 software 4.01L is only compatible with RowGuidance 3 Controller software AKK15783F and GreenStar 3 2630 17-1 software 3.34.1345 or newer and Generation 4 18-1 software 10.10.404-345 or newer. 

AutoTrac Universal 200, AutoTrac Universal 300, and AutoTrac Controller

AutoTrac Universal 200, AutoTrac Universal 300, and AutoTrac Controllers are for use with the 4640 Universal Display and 4240 Universal Display. Please see a John Deere dealer for exact model compatibility.

ISOBUS implements

Generation 4 Displays are compatible with one Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) certified ISOBUS implement; AEF-certified ISOBUS implements with Task Controller Section Control (TC-SC) functionality and AEF certification for TC-SC include sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, planters, seeders, manure applicators, etc. For third-party FMIS compatibility, reference the John Deere Operations Center.

A software update performed by an authorized ISOBUS implement dealer may be required to obtain compatible software. ISOBUS implements must be certified through the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) to be recognized by the Generation 4 CommandCenter display. Visit for more information; visit for an active list of compatible implements.

ISOBUS implements with VT4 are now supported by Generation 4 Displays. Generation 4 Displays still support older VT versions (example: VT2 and VT3). If an implement is not loading after updating to Generation 4 software update 2017-2 (or newer on 4600 CommandCenter v2 processors), it is recommended that the implement manufacturer be contacted to get a software version that is either VT3 or VT4.

Extended monitor

When using an extended monitor with equipment visualized in ISOBUS VT Viewer and applying VT run page modules to two run pages shown at the same time, the extended monitor’s VT modules will not update. To mitigate this, only view VT modules on one run page at a time.

Implements without controllers

Implements without controllers can be documented as a stand-alone operation or with a rate controller from John Deere. Additionally, multiple implements without controllers cannot be documented together.

AutoTrac Implement Guidance (passive)

AutoTrac Implement Guidance is compatible with SeedStar 3HP, SeedStar 2 and SeedStar XP.

AutoTrac Implement Guidance is compatible with C850 Tow-Behind Air Carts with software update 18-2.

AutoTrac Implement Guidance is not compatible with the SeedStar 4 HP planters.

AutoTrac Implement Guidance is not compatible on 4240 Universal Displays for shared signal applications.

AutoTrac Turn Automation

To use the AutoTrac Turn Automation application, specific compatibility is required. AutoTrac Turn Automation is compatible with the following machines:

  • 8030 Series Tractors
  • 9030 Series Tractors (if equipped with PowerShift™ transmission)
  • Model year 2012 and newer 6R Tractors (if equipped with Infinitely Variable Transmission [IVT™] and ITEC™ functionality)
  • Model year 2011 and newer 7R Tractors (if equipped with CommandQuad™ transmission, e23™ PowerShift transmission, or IVT)
  • Model year 2010 and newer 8R/RT Tractors
  • Model year 2012 and newer 9R/RT/RX Tractors

NOTE: Integrated tractor IMS must be turned off on 30-Series Tractors to use AutoTrac Turn Automation on the Generation 4. Integrated Tractor iTEC must be turned off on the following tractors to use AutoTrac Turn Automation on the Generation 4:

  • Model year 2012-2014 6R
  • Model year 2011-2013 7R
  • Model year 2010-2013 8R
  • Model year 2012-2014 9R

NOTE: If instead an operator chooses to use the machine’s integrated IMS/iTEC functionality, then AutoTrac Turn Automation and iTEC must be turned off in the Generation 4 Universal Display.

AutoTrac Turn Automation is compatible with SeedStar 3HP, SeedStar 2 and SeedStar XP.

AutoTrac Turn Automation is NOT compatible with SeedStar 4HP planters.

Distance Trip documentation

A UCC2 Application Controller 1100 with 19-2 software running on a 4600 CommandCenter v2 server enables documentation of field operations. If a UCC2 replaces a UCC1 Application Controller 1100 on a CommandCenter v1 server, documentation is not available. Refer to Tech Manual Bulletin 137919 to determine server type.

Camera compatibility

Voyager® cameras are supported on Generation 4 Displays. All other camera types are not supported.

Non-John Deere Precision Ag

4600 CommandCenter v2 and the 4640 Universal Display are compatible with the following RS-232 configurations with software update 18-2 and newer:

  • GPS receivers with serial port connection
    • Will not enable AutoTrac guidance functionality
  • Raven RS-232 control units (440, 450, or 660) on tractors configured as implement-based applications
  • Generation 4 displays are not compatible with the DN345 Drawn Dry Spreader at this time.

Machine Communication Radio (MCR)

Generation 4 displays are not compatible with MCR.

APEX™ software

  • Generation 4 display work data is not compatible with and cannot be viewed in APEX software.
  • USB files including pre-assigned APEX tasks and iTEC™ Pro sequences will not import into Generation 4 displays.

NOTE: Gen 4 data is only compatible with the John Deere Operations Center. All Gen 4 activations are machine specific and cannot be transferred to a different machine. If not using WDT, an 8- to 32-GB USB is required to transfer data to and from the Gen 4 Display. Implement settings are display specific and cannot be imported or exported from the Gen 4 Display.

RAM is a trademark of National Products Inc. Hagie is a trademark of Hagie Manufacturing Company, LLC and similar to John Deere branded equipment, John Deere will support Hagie equipment. Reichhardt is a trademark of Reichhardt GmbH Steuerungstechnik. iOS is a trademark of Cisco Technology, Inc. used under license by Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google LLC. Voyager is a trademark of ASA Electronics, LLC.

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