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When it comes to compact equipment, the skid steer loader is a workhorse. Widely used in landscaping and construction, this piece of construction equipment can handle various tasks. If you're in the market for a skid steer loader, there are some things you need to know before making your purchase.

In this buyer's guide, we'll provide you with everything you need to know before buying a John Deere Skid Steer. We'll discuss the different types of machines available, as well as their features and benefits. We'll also help you determine which machine is right for your needs.

Skid Steer Buying Tips

Skid loaders can be a great investment for businesses of all sizes. Before you buy, though, it's important to understand what to look for and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Ask questions
  • Compare prices
  • Think about the terrain
  • Consider the size of your business
  • Decide what you'll use the skid loader for
  • Look for warranties and service agreements

Questions to Consider When Buying a Skid Steer

Skid Steer 318g

Which Skid Steer Models Work For You?

First and foremost, you need to decide what size skid steer loader you need. Most skid steers come in a variety of sizes, from compact track loader models that are smaller and perfect for maneuvering in tighter spaces, to larger models that are better suited for bigger jobs.

What Skid Steer Attachments Do You Need?

You must also decide what kind of attachments you'll need. There are a variety of attachments available, from buckets and forks to more specialized attachments like brush cutters or augers.

If you're not sure what kind of attachments you'll need, we put together a helpful guide to understanding what skid steer attachments work for different tasks.

How Much Does a Skid Steer Weigh?

Skid steers come in a range of sizes and weights, each with its own unique capabilities. In order to answer the question "How Much Does a Skid Steer Weigh?" we must take into account various factors such as the model, make, and attachments of the skid steer. Generally, a John Deere skid steer can weigh anywhere from 2,800 to 11,500 pounds.

What Environment Will Your Skid Steer Operate In?

Another important factor to consider is what kind of environment your compact construction equipment will be operating in, and what your operating capacity is.

If you're planning on using it on a construction site, then you'll need to make sure it's durable enough to withstand the rough conditions.

On the other hand, if you're planning on using it for landscaping or agriculture, then you'll need to make sure it's able to handle those specific tasks.

What Skid Steer Features Are Important To You?

When buying a new skid loader, there are a few key features you'll want to keep in mind:

Lift Capacity

Skid Steer lift capacity

Lifting capacity is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a skid steer. Skid steers typically have lifting capacities between 1500 and 3500 pounds.

Vertical Lift Path vs Radial Lift Path

There are two different types of lift paths - vertical and radial.

Vertical lift is best for tasks that require more reach, such as loading a truck.

Radial lift is better for tasks that require more lifting power, such as digging.

Diesel vs Gasoline Engine

Diesel Engines: are more powerful and efficient, but they're also more expensive.

Gasoline engines: are less powerful, but they're cheaper and easier to maintain.

Skid Steer Cab

Enclosed Cab vs Open Cab

Another important consideration is whether you want an enclosed cab or an open cab.

Enclosed Cabs: protect the operator from the elements and debris, but they're also more expensive.

Open Cabs: are less expensive, but they offer less protection.

Operating Weight

Operating weight is another important factor to consider. This is the total weight of the skid steer, including the operator, fuel, and attachments.

Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is important for both performance and safety. A skid steer with a high ground clearance can navigate rough terrain more easily and is less likely to roll over.

Which Skid Steer Tires Do You Need?

The next thing you need to think about is what kind of tires you'll need for your skid steer loader. There are three main types of tires available for skid steers:

Pneumatic Tires

The most common type of tire used on these machines are solid rubber tires, or pneumatic tires (hollow rubber tires filled with polyurethane foam or air). They're designed for general use and provide a good mix of traction, stability, and durability.

Air-filed tires are the best for working in muddy or wet conditions as they provide better flotation. They're also the best choice if you'll be doing a lot of work on asphalt or concrete, as they won't leave marks like solid tires can.

The downside to air-filled tires is that they can be punctured more easily than solid tires, and they can also go flat. If you're working in an area with a lot of debris, it's important to check your tires regularly for signs of punctures.

Skid Steer Loader Tires

Flotation Tires

Flotation tires are designed for use in soft or loose surfaces like sand, mud, or snow. These tires provide extra floatation to keep the machine from sinking into the ground.

Multi-Terrain Tires

Multi-terrain tires are a more specialized type of tire that's designed for use on a variety of surfaces. These tires provide good traction and stability on both hard and soft surfaces.

No matter what type of tire you choose, be sure to get the right size for your skid steer loader. The wrong size tire can cause problems with the machine's performance.

How much does a skid steer cost?

A new skid steer loader can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000. Used skid steers are typically less expensive, but it's important to make sure that you're getting a quality machine - and this can sometimes be hard to do with a used machine.

Compare Apples to Apples

When you're looking at prices, be sure to compare apples to apples. Most skid steer loaders come with bucket attachments, but some don't - and if you're comparing prices, make sure that you're taking this into account.

Skid Steer Attachments For Construction Sites

Some skid steers also come equipped with a cab, and this is something that you may want to consider as well. A cab can offer protection from the elements and make your operator more comfortable, but it will also add to the cost of the machine.

Compare Size and Features

There are a lot of factors that go into the cost of a skid steer loader. The size and power of the machine are two of the biggest factors. Other factors include features and attachments. Be sure to consider all of these factors when you're looking at prices.

You can find great deals on skid steer loaders if you know where to look. We are always running great deals on skid steer loaders right here at Everglades Farm Equipment, so if you need a new skid steer, be sure to check us out first!

Is Buying a Skid Steer Loader a Good Investment?

Buying a skid steer loader is a great investment for any farmer, rancher, construction worker, or landscaper too. These machines are built to last and will save you time and money in the long run. If you're looking for a machine that can do it all, a skid steer is the way to go.

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