Daily Operation Checklist for a John Deere 333G

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John Deere skid steers and track loaders make any job easier - especially when they're properly maintained. Skid steer maintenance requires daily checks.

This is essential to ensure the machine runs safely and efficiently. There are many moving parts and components to keep track of. That's why following a daily operation checklist for your skid steer or track loader is important.

When your John Deere is in perfect working order, you can take on any job with complete confidence. This blog post will cover everything from track and engine checks to grease points and wash-out ports. We will focus on the John Deere 333G. This information and checks are applicable to all John Deere skid steer and track loader models.

Routine Daily Checks

engine check skid steer

Daily checks are important not only for your machine but for your safety and those working around the machine. Before you start your John Deere 333G skid steer or track loader, it's important to make sure that all hoses are routed correctly to prevent them from being pinched or damaged during operation. Additionally, check that attachments, such as buckets or forks, are securely mounted before use.

Track Checks

It's important to check the tracks of your John Deere 333G for any signs of premature wear or damage. These track checks should include looking for any exposed metal cleats that could cause potential damage and cleaning the area around the undercarriage and sprockets to prevent dirt from collecting and causing excessive wear that could cost you in the long run.

Keeping the track tension set correctly is key to ensuring your machine runs smoothly. To check if the track tension is set correctly, follow these simple steps:

  • Tilt the bucket down and raise the machine with the bucket or forks.
  • Measure the gap between the third roller (depending on the model) and the track using a tape measure. The ideal distance should be approximately one and a quarter inches to one and a half inches.
  • If the space is more than an inch-and-a-half, tighten the tracks using grease zerk; the more grease you use, the tighter it gets.
  • If the tracks are too tight, remove some grease to reduce the tension until it reaches the optimal range of one to one and a half inches. If tracks are too tight it can stretch the metal bands in the track and cause them to wear out prematurely.

Once you've finished inspecting the tracks and made sure everything is in good working order, there are some additional checks to consider. These include:

  1. Visually inspect your machine for any obvious signs of damage or leaks
  2. Make sure your windows are clean
  3. Check the hoses on the back boom and exhaust stack for any damage

Engine Checks

John Deere Track Loader 333g

There are a few items to check in the engine compartment of your John Deere 333G.

  • Make sure the engine oil is at the correct level
  • Check the hydraulic oil levels
  • Inspect your air filters and clean them if necessary. It's important to keep an eye on your engine air filter since it can clog up quickly if you're working in a dusty environment.

Periodic maintenance is required for your John Deere 333G - refer to the chart near the engine for more details on different checks from 50 hours to 500 hours.

Cooling Checks

To begin, remove the side panel and raise the boom for more visibility. Make sure there is no excessive buildup of grass, dirt, or other debris.

If there is any debris, use an air compressor to blow it out. Never use water to clear the debris; this can clog up the radiator and create issues as you use your skid steer. Check the fan as well to make sure it's in good running order.

Fuel/Water Separator

John Deere 333G Track Loader

To clean the separator, simply turn the white knob at the bottom to remove the dirty diesel fuel. All the diesel fuel should drain out; if not, check that there are no blockages in the separator. Before draining, make sure to shut the white fuel valve off. After draining is complete, simply turn open the fuel valve.

Leak Checks

Checking for leaks may seem obvious, but it’s sometimes overlooked. Leaks can be hazardous and cause potential long-term damage to the machine. Check all hoses, connections, and seals for any signs of leaks or seeping oil/hydraulic fluid. Fuel leaks can also be checked by monitoring your fuel tank gauge – if there is a difference between what’s expected and what’s being used, you may have a leak.

DEF Tank

The DEF tank is important to your John Deere 333G and should be checked regularly. Your DEF essentially works like a garbage can for your exhaust system. To access the tank, lift up the latch at the back of the machine. The cap, which is color-coded blue for diesel exhaust fluid, can then be opened to check the levels.

John Deere Track Loader Operation Checklist

Grease and Lubrication Points

Grease is very important to all movable parts of your skid steer, such as the linkage pins. Lubrication points should be greased every day if needed to ensure proper operation. It’s simple and only requires a few minutes to make sure everything is properly greased. A full grease point location chart can be found in the operator manual.

Wash Out Ports

Dirt and debris build up in the belly of the machine. To clean it out, you must remove the two grey wash-out ports. Remove the nuts from the ports and then tilt the cab up.

Check for leaks and excessive dirt buildup. Use a small garden shovel to remove dirt and debris, and use a garden house on low pressure to clean out the remainder of the debris.

A/C Filter Checks

There are two filters in the A/C unit that must be checked. One is inside the cab, and one is on the exterior. Check the filters for dirt or debris.

Skid Loader Maintenance

Cleaning the filters helps keep your machine running smoothly and efficiently. If you do not feel the same airflow as before, chances are the filters need to be changed.

Inside The Cab

While inside the cab, check that the windows are clean and the wipers aren’t damaged. Check all gauges to make sure they are reading correctly and that all switches are working properly. Check the seatbelt for wear and tear and that it still functions as intended.

Make sure there is no debris in the seat or on the floorboard. All safety items, such as fire extinguishers, first aid kits, etc., should be checked to ensure they are up-to-date and properly stocked.

Hydraulic Fluid Checks

hydraulic fluid checks on 333g

Hydraulic fluid levels should be checked every day. Check the sight glass to make sure the fluid is at the proper level. Ensure the boom is lowered so that a correct reading can be taken. If you notice any leaks or seeping fluid coming from any of the hoses, replace them immediately.

Help Keep Your John Deere Running Strong

Maintaining your John Deere 333G on a daily basis is essential to keeping it running at its peak performance. By following the daily operation checklist, you can be confident that the machine will perform job after job. If any issues arise, contact one of the 18 Everglades Equipment Group locations so we can help diagnose and repair the problem.

Everglades Equipment Group has the best team of certified technicians that can help keep your John Deere 333G running strong. With their expertise and top-notch service, you'll have a reliable skid steer or track loader for years to come!

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