Benefits Of John Deere High Crop Tractors For Farming

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Efficient farming operations require the use of proper equipment and technologies. In particular, John Deere's high-crop tractors provide benefits that help farmers produce high-quality crops while minimizing damage to plants. High-crop tractors are the ideal choice for “rising above” the competition – no matter what kind of harvest you are looking to bring in. High-crop tractors, also known as high-crops, hi-crops, hi-clear, high clearance tractors, provide more than just a powerful boost in performance.

With their unique elevated design, these powerful tractors offer unsurpassed maneuverability and control when working in fields of any size or shape. The high-crop model is versatile enough to meet the needs of farmers, from the largest commercial growers to smaller farms.

What is a High-Crop Tractor?

high crop tractors for sale

John Deere high-crop tractors are designed for harvesting or spraying taller crop varieties like sugar cane, tomatoes, cotton, broccoli, or any crop growing with support, such as a stake or cage. Due to their unique design and tall wheels, these machines ride higher than the standard working height of traditional tractors to accommodate crops that exceed the typical harvesting height. These tractors have been designed with special features that protect these delicate vegetables and fruit to prevent physical damage and keep them intact until the moment of sale.

Benefits of a High-Crop Tractor

High-crop tractors are incredibly efficient and versatile machines. These tractors offer a range of benefits that make them an attractive choice for farmers.

They provide:

  • Protection for crop plants and roots
  • Additional crop clearance
  • Adjustable tread for variable row spacing

High-Crop vs. Traditional Tractor

John Deere High Crop Tractor 6120eh

Some farmers will take a traditional tractor and mount tall skinnies (tall tires) on it to mimic the extra ride height of a high-crop tractor. However, this is not a true high-crop. The most significant difference is the back axle; while a traditional tractor has standard axles, a high-crop has rear drop-downs (drop axles) or portals. These are designed to raise the axle higher than the wheel and give it additional ground clearance.

High-Crop Engine and Transmission

High Crop tractors like the John Deere 6120EH are powered by the efficient Power Tech engine, designed to save fuel and work hard. With two transmission options that provide wet clutch, EH PTO 12mph and wet clutch EH PTO 24mph forward, and 12mph reverse with creeper, the 6120EH provides great flexibility.

Farming operations that cultivate vegetables and fruits require tractor speeds far slower than those achievable by traditional transmissions. The creeper transmission's range of low speeds, from as little as 0.14 mph, allows for hand harvesting operations.

High Crop Row Spacing

John Deere 6120eh High Crop Tractor

Row spacing is the distance between two rows of crops in a field. Historically, row spacing was based on the space required for horse-drawn equipment between crops. With the development of mechanized farm equipment, farmers began exploring narrower rows for more efficient use of space and resources. Despite advancements in seeding equipment adaptations to narrow-row practices, these tractors were limited by big bulky tires that required wider spacing to avoid crop damage.

With its unique design, the 6120EH high-crop tractors can be used in row spacing from 72 to 84-inch row spacing. Their specially designed skinny tires require less space, thus allowing for more efficient harvesting.

Ground Clearance

The John Deere 6120EH has up to 33 inches of ground clearance, allowing it to easily travel over crops in the field. The drawbar at the back of the tractor hangs down an additional 3 inches making the true clearance height 30 inches. The true clearance height is important to know, as the whole point of the tractor is to clear the crops while not damaging them.

High Crop Cab and Controls

High Crop Tractor Cab

The available cab option for the 6120EH makes for an enjoyable and comfortable day in the fields. With a range of features such as air conditioning, comfortable operator seat and armrests, cupholders, and buddy seat, you can work comfortably and productively all day long.

The controls are conveniently located on the right side of the operator’s station, allowing for easy access to hydraulic controls, PTO controls, throttle, and differential lock. The 6120EH also includes the Gen 4 Universal Display that allows for easy use of AutoTrac activation through the interface of the Gen 4 display family. The level of accuracy for the AutoTrac system is determined by the StarFire™ 6000 Receiver.

PTO, Links, and Hydraulic Hook-ups

The 6120EH is designed for maximum efficiency, making it easy to hook up and operate a variety of implements. It comes equipped with a Category 2 3-point hitch, providing the versatility and lift capacity you need for all your agricultural tasks. The telescoping draft links and adjustable sway bars make hooking-up implements a breeze, and the rear sight glass allows you to monitor your oil quality and levels easily.

Why Choose a High-Crop Tractor?

The ultimate goal of every farmer is to produce the best crop possible. The John Deere high-crop tractor is designed to take your operation to the next level. It allows you to produce high-quality crops while protecting it from bruises and greasy tractor axles while getting the job done in less time. Its unique design can be used for various tasks, from harvesting delicate fruits and vegetables to spraying and fertilizing.

Invest in the Best - Invest in a John Deere

John Deere high-crop tractors are a smart investment if you’re looking for the most efficient and cost-effective tool to help you meet your agricultural goals. Protect your valuable crops and invest in a John Deere high-crop tractor today. With state-of-the-art design and a stellar reputation for quality, you can be sure you're making the right choice for your farm. Investing in the best will pay off in the long run.

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