John Deere F4365

Feature Overview
John Deere F4365
  • 330 cu-ft (9.3 cu m) capacity dry box
  • 60- to 90-ft (18.3 m to 27.4 m) spread widths
  • CommandView™ III cab
  • Rugged chassis
  • Optional Air Boom, 300 cu. ft. capacity, 70-ft. boom 
Dry Spinner spreader - Type DN495 Dry Spinner Spreader
Dry Spinner spreader - Capacity 9.34 m3 / 330 cu ft
Dry Spinner spreader - Spread width range 18.29 to 27.43 m / 60 to 90 ft
Air Boom - Type AB485 Air Boom
Feature Overview
John Deere F4365
  • 330 cu-ft (9.3 cu m) capacity dry box
  • 60- to 90-ft (18.3 m to 27.4 m) spread widths
  • CommandView™ III cab
  • Rugged chassis
  • Optional Air Boom, 300 cu. ft. capacity, 70-ft. boom 
Dry Spinner spreader - Type DN495 Dry Spinner Spreader
Dry Spinner spreader - Capacity 9.34 m3 / 330 cu ft
Dry Spinner spreader - Spread width range 18.29 to 27.43 m / 60 to 90 ft
Air Boom - Type AB485 Air Boom

4600 CommandCenter™ display with SpreadStar™ system

Run screenRun screen

The F4365 is utilizing the 4600 CommandCenter display that is also found in large tractors today. The CommandARM™ controls, Generator 4 CommandCenter display and SpreadStar have been updated and tailored to the needs of operators allowing them to see all key functions on one run screen including AutoTrac™ assisted steering system, variable rate documentation, field totals, and dry spinner spreader settings. Click anywhere on the display to expand and easily adjust information.

Work setupWork setup

To prepare for field application, simply press the Setup button in the bottom left corner of the display run page, and it will direct the user to the Work Setup window.

  1. Select the Location box to setup user information including farm, field, and client. User information is not required to load and execute a variable-rate prescription.
  2. Select the Equipment box to do the initial setup of the machine including the number of bins in the dry spinner spreader.
  3. The Work Summary box shows a link for each bin in the dry spinner spreader. The screenshot above is for a two-bin dry box. Select each one to input or change the name of the product that will be applied. Twenty-four unique names can be entered into the display for various product types such as single product, blended product, or multi-product variable rate. The user can also choose the target rate for spreading or load a variable-rate prescription. 

Once the Work Setup Window is complete, the updated SpreadStar application can then be used to input and setup the following:

Target spread rateTarget spread rate
Bin detailsBin details

Target spread rate – selecting the target rate box allows the operator to quickly adjust three different target rates or load a prescription if needed. The target rates can be adjusted when spreading by using the corresponding buttons on the CommandARM.

Product density/product applied – selecting either of these areas will take the user to a bin details page where more frequent dry spinner spreader inputs and adjustments are made. For dry spinner spreaders with multiple bins, individual tabs at the top of the screen make it easy to quickly toggle between them.

Features on the bin details page include:

  • Bin on/off
  • Bin chaining (not shown)
  • Product density
  • CFR value
  • Feed gate opening
  • Bin alarms
  • Resetting bin counter
  • Belt prime
  • Tarp control
  • Chain oiler
Spinner Settings
Spinner settingsSpinner settings

The last step is to setup the spinner settings by clicking on the spinner settings box in the SpreadStar application.  The Add Spinner preset window will come up allowing the operator to create a new preset if they choose.

Preset functions include:

  • Spinner target speed
  • Spinner target speed alarms
  • Spread width
  • Fan frame setting

The bin details and spinner settings are saved with the Work Summary details. For example, an operator with a two-bin dry spreader may need to change between a two product variable-rate to a single blend application using bin chaining. When the operator switches back to two product variable rate, SpreadStar will automatically remember the bin details and spinner settings that were last used with that configuration.

Even with this feature, it is still important to calibrate the dry spinner spreader when changing products to ensure an accurate and consistent spread pattern.


Dual c-channel chassisDual c-channel chassis

The F4365 uses a dual c-channel frame design with leaf spring suspension to maximize ride quality and durability. The dual c-channel frame design is very strong, but it still allows the frame to flex. This is especially important when operating in rough field conditions at higher speeds because the frame will flex and absorb some of the impact loads instead of transferring it to the rest of the machine including the operator.

Rear axleRear axle

Industry-proven AxleTech™ axles are used on the front and rear and are designed to haul full loads of heavier-density products such as lime.

Front axle leaf springFront axle leaf spring
Rear axle leaf springRear axle leaf spring

Parabolic leaf springs are used on the front axle in conjunction with dampers and offer an industry-best 102 mm (4 in.) of travel. Parabolic leaf springs have fewer leaves, which reduce internal friction allowing for easier compression and articulation.

Dual-rate leaf springs are used on the rear axle to ensure consistent ride quality regardless of how much product is in the box. The first smaller set of leaf springs is used when the box is empty. When the box is loaded, the first set of leaf springs fully engages and combines with the second larger set of leaf springs. This design helps the F4365 drive and ride more consistently when applying in the field or in transport on the road.

The dual c-channel design, coupled with best-in-class suspension, helps absorb the impact loads and protects the operator and machine from harmful vibration. Reducing vibration improves productivity by reducing operator fatigue and decreasing the potential for failures caused by them.

Storage compartment
External storage compartmentExternal storage compartment

An external storage compartment is located on the left-hand side of the machine and can be used to store important items nearby, but outside the cab:

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, goggles, face shield, apron, and emergency clothing
  • Grease gun
  • Density check tool
  • Tools
Hydraulic folding ladder
Hydraulic folding ladderHydraulic folding ladder

Operators will climb into the F4365 via a hydraulically controlled front ladder similar to 4 Series Sprayers. When the machine starts to move, the ladder will automatically fold up. When the machine stops, the operator simply hits the ladder button on the CommandARM™ control center to unfold it.

Cab and dry spinner spreader platforms
Cab platformCab platform
Spreader platformSpreader platform

This industry-exclusive feature allows the operator to safely exit the cab and walk back to the dry spinner spreader to help with tendering or do a product density check.

Front retrieval points
Front retrieval pointsFront retrieval points

If the machine does get stuck while operating in wet conditions, retrieval points are located on the front of the frame to assist in pulling the machine out.

Fenders and mud flaps
Front fenderFront fender
Rear mud flapsRear mud flaps

Front and rear fenders protect the F4365 from mud and debris when operating in the field. Large front fenders similar to what are used on large row-crop tractors protect the front of the machine, even when turning. Rear mud flaps attached to the dry spinner spreader platforms on the right and left side provide excellent protection from debris thrown by the rear tires.

Optimal weight distribution

F4365 High-Capacity Nutrient Applicator and bin configuration

Machine weight
kg (lb)

Front weight
kg (lb)

Rear weight
kg (lb)

Weight distribution (percent)



Base machine with Single-Bin DN495 (empty)

13,764 kg
(30,344 lb)

6,597 kg
(14,543 lb)

7,167 kg
(15,801 lb)

48 percent

52 percent

Base machine empty with Dual- Bin DN495 (MultApplier)

14,444 kg
(31,843 lb)

6,623 kg
(14,601 lb) 

7,821 kg
(17,242 lb)

46 percent

54 percent

Base machine empty with Four- Bin DN495 (MultiBin)

14,556 kg
(32,090 lb)

6,407 kg
(14,125 lb)

8,149 kg
(17,965 lb)

44 percent

56 percent


CommandView™ III cab features and enhancements
CommandView III cab panoramic viewCommandView III cab panoramic view

The F4365 High-Capacity Nutrient Applicator offers the same spacious CommandView III cab found in larger John Deere tractors and the 4 Series Self-Propelled Sprayers. This cab will keep operators comfortable all day long while providing great visibility and increasing productivity.

CommandARM© controls
CommandARM close upCommandARM close up

The CommandARM has been updated and tailored for the specific needs of an operator. The AutoTrac™ assisted steering system resume and Master on/off buttons, along with the boom raise/lower switches are located conveniently on the multifunction handle, so the operator does not have to move their hand during application and headland turns. Additional controls for lighting, heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC), radio, dry spinner spreader, and more are located conveniently close by.

CommandARM storage
USB charging portsUSB charging ports

There are USB charging ports inside the storage compartment on the CommandARM armrest. These USB outlets are for charging only and do not connect to the radio or 4600 CommandCenter™ Display.

Generation 4 CommandCenter display
4600 CommandCenter Display4600 CommandCenter Display

The F4365 uses the Generation 4 CommandCenter display, similar to what is being used in larger tractors and sprayers today. SpreadStar™ system has also been updated to allow operators to see all key functions on one run screen including AutoTrac, John Deere Section Control, mapping, and application system settings. Importing and exporting user information and application data has been simplified and improved with Wireless Data Transfer, John Deere Operations Center, and AgLogic™ system.

Multifunction handle
Multifunction handleMultifunction handle

The multifunction handle gives operators convenient access to important nutrient applicator controls.


Operations that are controlled from the handle include:

  • Raise/lower (fold/unfold) boom
  • Center boom raise/lower
  • Index boom section (IBS) control system
  • Speed range
  • Master system on/off
  • AutoTrac resume
  • Headland Management System (HMS)
  • Emergency off
  • Six reconfigurable buttons
Reconfigurable buttons
Reconfigurable buttons on multifunction handleReconfigurable buttons on multifunction handle
Speed range selector scroll wheel on multifunction handleSpeed range selector scroll wheel on multifunction handle

There are a total of nine reconfigurable buttons, six located on the multifunction handle and three on the CommandARM. Each button can be configured to one of the functions listed below:

  • Master on
  • Bin chaining
  • Left tilt up/down
  • Right tilt up/down
  • Run page cycle forward
  • Run page cycle back
  • Swap track
  • AutoTrac shift track center
  • AutoTrac shift track left
  • AutoTrac shift track right
  • Close overlay
ComfortCommand© seat
Cab interior looking in from the doorCab interior looking in from the door

The same great ComfortCommand seat in the 4 Series Sprayer is installed in the F4365 Nutrient Applicator. The seat provides superior ride quality with the ability to swivel 15 degrees to the right, improving operator comfort during application.


Additional cab features and options include a leather seat, Bluetooth® wireless system capability, a premium sound system, power mirrors, rear window tint, right-hand window wiper with fluid, and many more.


By keeping operators more comfortable during the day, the CommandView III cab will improve productivity while reducing the fatigue they experience throughout the day.


Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG Incorporated.

Engine and transmission
9-L PowerTech© engine9-L PowerTech© engine
Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT™)Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT™)

The F4365 uses an industry-proven 9-L PowerTech engine combined with an IVT to provide maximum power and efficiency.

The 9-L (549 cu in.) engine provides 272 kW (365 hp) rated horsepower and up to 298 kW (400 hp) peak horsepower when needed.

The IVT is common to the 8R Tractor Family, but has been modified for higher field and transport speeds. 

Applicator field and transport speeds
F4365 spreading in the fieldF4365 spreading in the field
F4365 in transportF4365 in transport

The F4365 can apply product up to 48 km/h (30 mph) in field and travel on the highway empty at speeds up to 74 km/h (46 mph). The engine and transmission are common to other product lines in John Deere which means service locations, service intervals, and parts are all common.


Fuel fillingFuel filling

To ensure the F4365 can run all day long, it comes equipped with a 567-L (150 gal.) fuel tank and 29.5-L (7.8 gal.) diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank located on the right side of the machine. The slender tank designs are attached to the dual c-channel frame, reducing the torque load the tanks can have on the frame when full. Both tanks can be easily filled from ground level.

New Leader® Dry Spinner Spreader

The F4365 uses an industry-proven New Leader Dry Spinner Spreader. This 4.27-m (14-ft) long dry box is capable of holding 9.34 m3 (330 ft³) of product and is available in multiple configurations to meet a variety of application needs. Depending on the product, spread widths can range from 18.29 to 27.43 m (60 to 90 ft).

Single bin option
Single bin optionSingle bin option

The single bin option can be ordered in a 304 Stainless Steel or a 409 Painted Stainless Steel. A removable end gate, inverted V, and electric oiler come in base. At 24 km/h (15 mph), the single bin can spread fertilizer at rates as high as 499 kg (1100 lb) per acre or spread lime at rates as high as 2994 kg (6600 lb) per acre.

MultApplier insert
Two-bin MultApplier insertTwo-bin MultApplier insert

A 2.1-m (7.0-ft) 304 Stainless-Steel MultApplier insert can be added to the single bin to spread two products at once. The MultApplier uses a belt over stainless-steel conveyor chain so no oil is necessary. Simply remove the end gate of the single bin to install the MultApplier insert.

MultiBin insert
Four-bin MultiBin insertFour-bin MultiBin insert

A 304 Stainless-Steel MultiBin insert can be added to the single bin to spread up to four products at once. In addition to the second large bin, two micronutrient bins are on the back of the MultiBin. Similar to the MultApplier insert, the MultiBin conveyor chain is belt over stainless-steel conveyor chain and does not require oil.

The divider separating the two micronutrient bins on the rear can also be removed to make one large micronutrient bin. Standard rate metering rollers come in base with the MultiBin insert. A pneumatically controlled lid covers the micronutrient bin(s) opening and is operated in the Generation 4 CommandCenter™ display.

New Leader is a trademark of Highway Equipment Company.


For ag service providers and large-scale producers, the AB485 Air Boom is available as an option for the F4365 High-Capacity Nutrient Applicator. The AB485 Air Boom builds on the advantages of the F4365 chassis with the addition of an 8.5-m3 (300-cu ft) dry box with dual-product capability and a 21.3-m (70-ft) wide boom.

Durability and uptime are extremely important to an ag retailer’s business. With the number of acres these machines need to cover each year and the varying weather conditions that can impact the schedule, increasing uptime is crucial to the profitability and success of the ag retailer. The AB485 Air Boom has been designed to maximize uptime through improved performance, reliability, and operator comfort.

AB485 Air BoomAB485 Air Boom

The air boom option allows operators to accurately apply dry fertilizer across a wide 21.3-m (70-ft) swath at speeds up to 48.3 km/h (30 mph), and at maximum rates up to 544.3 kg (1,200 lb) per acre at 16.1 km/h (10 mph). With its 8.5-m3 (300-cu ft) capacity dry box and dual-bin configuration, operators can simultaneously apply up to two products at variable rates to better meet crop nutrient needs with fewer passes over the field. Application accuracy is further improved with half-width section control.

Air distribution systemAir distribution system

The air distribution system is an efficient design that consistently delivers even air flow from the fan to the booms. The closed-loop speed control allows the fan to run independent of the motor speed, making it more efficient as well. This design requires less power for the air system and puts more engine power to the ground during acceleration and operation.


The electrical and hydraulic systems have been designed from the ground up with full integration into the 4600 CommandCenter™ Display for easier control and maintenance. The boom structure and supports have also been strengthened to extend the life of the booms regardless of the terrain.

Fan oil coolerFan oil cooler
Fan air intake with screenFan air intake with screen

To improve the reliability of the air distribution system, the fan oil cooler is mounted on the right side of the machine, exposing it to less dust and vibration while making it easier to maintain. A large screen was also added over the fan air intake to block residue and debris from entering the air system.

Operator comfort
Hand rails on both sides of the dry boxHand rails on both sides of the dry box

The front ladder provides easy access to the machine even when the booms are folded. During tendering, operators can quickly access the top of the dry box from the cab platform. Hand rails can then be folded up on both sides of the dry box, allowing the operator to work more efficiently.

The F4365 with the AB485 Air Boom improves the revenue potential for ag service providers by increasing machine productivity through greater durability and superior field performance.

F4365 applying with the LS475 Liquid SystemF4365 applying with the LS475 Liquid System

Seasonal flexibility is crucial for maximum machine utilization, and the seasonal capabilities of the F4365 are maximized with the LS475 Liquid System option. Together with Hagie™ Manufacturing, this liquid system is designed as a complete package with industry-leading advantages. Learn more on the LS475 product page.

Accurately apply low-rate herbicide and high-rate fertilizer with a single machine
LS475 applying in the fieldLS475 applying in the field

During the busy spring season, you need to complete jobs as crops are planted, from applying high-rate fertilizer on unplanted corn fields to low-rate pre-emergent herbicide on soybeans. Dual centrifugal solution pumps with dedicated magnetic flow meters work together to achieve pin-point rate accuracy through the entire flow range between 18.9 and 1589.9 L/min (5 and 420 gpm).

Fast, clean, automated tank filling enabled by PowrSpray© technology
LS475 load system keypadLS475 load system keypad

When the tank is empty, every second counts trying to get back into the field. PowrSpray features independent fill and spray circuits with dedicated pumps to maximize flow. The dedicated self-priming transfer pump can fill the solution tank at over 1135.6 L/min (300 gpm). This PowrSpray system can:

  • Automatically fill to a predefined tank level while automatically adjusting engine speed
  • Pull fresh water from the rinse tank to clean the fill system
  • Be manually reduced if a slower fill rate is desired
  • Pause filling, giving you sufficient time to add ingredients and rinse containers
  • Allow for quick and easy operation at the load station for all skill levels
Cover more acres per pass using the widest factory-installed boom
LS745 boomLS745 boom

The time-proven 27.4-m (90-ft) 4 Series Sprayer steel boom unlocks reliable productivity for ag service providers. This durable boom features:

  • Full-boom breakaway
  • Tri-direction boom-tip breakaway
  • Auto-fold

The standard dual plumbing system features 76.2-cm (30-in.) off-center high-flow nozzle bodies (turrets) and a 152.4-icm (60-in.) on-center cam-lock. When configured for 152.4-cm (60-in.) cam-lock spacing, the effective spray pattern is 29 m (95 ft). The 76.2-cm (30-in.) nozzle body configuration achieves a 27.4-m (90-ft) spray pattern.

Cover more acres between refills with the large solution and rinse tanks
LS475 solution and rinse tanksLS475 solution and rinse tanks

With higher-speed planting, the season is becoming more condensed every year. When you need to get acres covered, getting tender trucks back to the plant increases productivity. To hold more product onboard, the LS475 solution system features a stainless steel 7570.8-L (2000-gal.) solution tank and black poly 757.1-L (200-gal.) rinse tank.


The large solution tank allows operators to cover more acres between refills. This tank gets tender trucks empty faster and back on the road, translating into less idle time for the tender truck and you and quicker load turn-arounds.


Hagie is a trademark of Hagie Manufacturing Company, LLC and similar to John Deere branded equipment, Deere will also support Hagie equipment.

Key Specs
Dry Spinner spreader - Type DN495 Dry Spinner Spreader
Dry Spinner spreader - Capacity 9.34 m3
330 cu ft
Dry Spinner spreader - Spread width range 18.29 to 27.43 m
60 to 90 ft
Air Boom - Type AB485 Air Boom
Air Boom - Capacity 8.49 m3
300 cu ft
Air Boom - Spread width range 21.3 m
70 ft
Additional information
Beacon lights Front- and rear-mounted beacon lights
Date collected 10-Oct-2017
Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG Incorporated. Michelin is a trademark of Michelin North America, Inc. New Leader is a trademark of Highway Equipment Company. XM Radio is a trademark of Sirius XM Radio Inc.
Air Boom
Type AB485 Air Boom
Box material 304 painted stainless steel
409 painted stainless steel
Box length 3.66 m
12 ft
Capacity 8.49 m3
300 cu ft
Spread width range 21.3 m
70 ft
Automatic section control John Deere Section Control
Box options Two-bin capable of 50/50 or 60/40 split
Conveyor Dual conveyors (left and right) with stainless-steel chain
Oiler None
Cab and controls
Display 4600 CommandCenter
Lighting Deluxe halogen lighting package
Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting package (option)
Chassis, frame, and tires
Chassis Dual c-channel frame
Suspension Four-wheel leaf spring and front axle dampers
Steering Front wheel
Air compressor On-board air compressor
Primary brakes IVT and four-wheel pneumatic brakes
Parking brakes IVT and two-wheel (rear) pneumatic parking brake
Turning radius 10.5 m
39 ft
Rear tires 1050/50R32 tires - Alliance or Michelin (option)
Ladder raise/lower Automatic
Empty weight with single bin 14,061 kg
31,000 lb
Peak rated power 272 kW
365 hp
Transport speed range 0 to 74 km/h
0 to 46 mph
Power bulge 298 kW
400 hp
Emissions Final Tier 4 (FT4)
Number of cylinders Six
Displacement 9 L
584 cu in.
Fuel tank capacity 586 L
155 gal.
Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank capacity 29.5 L
7.8 gal.
Drive Full-time two-wheel drive (2WD)
Spreading in field speed range (dry box) 0 to 48 km/h
0 to 30 mph
Accessories and Attachments
Electrical System

Front Cab Beacon Light Kit - BKK10299

Front Cab and Rear Spreader Beacon Light Kit - BKK10694

Product Application System

Fire Extinguisher - AT189487

Fire Extinguisher Bracket - AZ100238

Spreader System

Calibration Chute Catch Test Kit - BKK10753

End-gate kit for single binEnd-gate kit for single bin
Inverted VInverted V

For growers wanting to spread single-bin products like lime and 2- 4 product variable-rate fertilizer prescriptions with the same machine, a field-installed end-gate kit is available for the DN495. After removing the 2-bin or 4-bin insert from the dry spinner spreader, the end-gate kit can be installed, making it a single bin.

The single-bin end-gate kit includes:

  • 304 stainless-steel end gate with hardware
  • Inverted V with supporting structure (for lime)
  • Additional hardware and harnessing


BKK10696DN495 end-gate single-bin conversion

Size Grade Number (SGN) & Crush Strength Test Kit - BKK10743

Spread Pattern Test Kit - BKK10741

*Manufacturer's suggested price. MSRP may be different in California. Taxes, freight, setup, and delivery not included. Optional accessories and attachments not included. Equipment, models and prices may vary by dealer. Product options and accessories may not be available in all regions. The engine horsepower and torque information are provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. Actual operating horsepower and torque will be less. Refer to the engine manufacturer’s website for additional information. Offers valid in the United States. Prices in U.S. dollars.
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