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Tractors are hardworking pieces of agricultural equipment that help growers of all kinds get their work done, and bigger fields need bigger machines, like a row crop tractor.

There are a slew of attachments and implements that further specialize your farm’s workhorse, some of which we’ve already talked about, but sometimes overlooked are the general-purpose accessories that can make all that implement swapping easier, or simply improve the quality of work for operators. There are tons of customizations and aftermarket add-ons that you can take advantage of!

At Everglades Equipment Group, we aim to bring our customers the best choices when it comes to outfitting row crop tractors with the kinds of accessories and add-ons that really bring something to the job, whether it be additional utility or operator comfort. Read on for some ideas about what’s possible or head into one of our locations throughout central and southern Florida for a look at our full stock, including John Deere row crop tractors.

Tool Box

Whether you want to store tools for maintaining your row crop tractor, or carry a basic set around for all the other jobs you have to take care of, a toolbox add-on is a great way to increase the storage area of your tractor so you can bring some extra utility wherever you go. While these are becoming more common as standard, they’re extremely easy to add to a model that doesn’t have one.

Quick Hitch

Quick hitches make swapping out tractor attachments a breeze, which in turn increases your tractor productivity and ease of use. There are plenty of options too, whether you want to upgrade to a 3-point hitch or a telescoping boom pole.

Tooth Bar

There are tractor attachment accessories as well! Tooth bars can be clamped onto a loader bucket to increase capacity and improve digging performance. These add-ons are usually easy to attach, though you’ll have to find the right one for your loader’s make and model.

Chain Hook

Chain hooks can be bolted or welded to your row crop tractor (usually to a front-end loader bucket) and used to safely secure loads. Chain hooks come in all manner of sizes and configurations, so it’s easy to find one that fits with your needs.

Auxiliary Work Lights

Some work is done when and where the sun doesn’t shine so brightly, but that doesn’t mean you have to work in the dark. While most tractors are going to have some form of illumination, they won’t do much to help when it truly gets dark. Attachable LEDs are easy to install and work wonderfully to provide enough light to keep you working at a daytime pace.

Brush Guard

Tractors do hard work in the mud and dirt, and that means a lot of contact with hard material like rocks, vegetative debris, and obstacles like stumps. Not to mention, row crop tractors, in particular, spend a lot of time tilling and cultivating. Those dings and scratches add up and can do more than make your machine look worn out. Brush guards can save you an expensive repair to the front grill and lights if any of the material you’re hauling gets loose or your tractor kicks up something sharp and nasty.

Tire Chains

If you’re planning on operating a tractor that even has a chance of encountering snow, you might want to have some tire chains. Most R1 or R4 tires don’t need chains, even in the snow, but R3 turf tires could use the extra help. Tire chains can make a huge difference in terms of traction and safety when using a tractor with turf tires.

Wheel Weights

Adding ballast to your tractor might sound unnecessary unless you’ve ever run out of traction and spun your wheels on dry ground! Bolt-on weights are a good option when you want to switch back and forth from ground-engaging tasks and turf work where you might not want the added weight compacting delicate lawns. There are other options for the same effect, like filled tires.

Climate Control Cab

This is one of the most expensive add-ons you can get for your tractor, but the added comfort of climate control is well worth it. Whether you’re operating in the cold of morning or getting far too much summer sun, you’ll find the perfect climate inside your tractor cab so you can work all day long. While conversion kits are available, climate control systems might be a better option when looking at a new tractor.

Upgraded Seats

A more ergonomic seat option for your row crop tractor is going to be a great investment in terms of operator comfort. That might sound like a luxury, unless you’re an operator yourself, in which case you know how much fatigue and discomfort can reduce productivity. Give yourself or your workers all the opportunity they need to work in satisfactory comfort with an upgraded seat.

These are just a sample of the accessories and add-ons available for your row crop tractor. If you’re looking to add a bit of utility or comfort, stop by Everglades Equipment Group with locations throughout central and southern Florida. Come in today and talk with our team of experts who’ll answer all your questions and help you find what you’re looking for.

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